Truffles, mushrooms and mycorrhizas
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Hall, I.R.  2006.  Lists of arbuscular mycorrhizal plants suitable for windbreaks around truffières and unsuitable ectomycorrhizal plants.  Dunedin, Truffles & Mushrooms Ltd.  (74 KB pdf file)

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Hall, I.R.  2016.  Use of glyphosate and other herbicides in truffle plantations.  Dunedin, Truffles & Mushrooms Ltd.  (275KB pdf file)
  See also the Environmental Protection Authority report on Glyphosate, August 2016
Crop & Food Research Confidential Report No. 768.   Available on CD ROM or printed.  60 p.  Available only to members of the New Zealand Truffle Association.  To join click here.
Edible mycorrhizal mushrooms and their cultivation

edited by Ian Hall, Wang Yun, Eric Danell & Alessandra Zambonelli

This CD ROM contains the Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Edible Mycorrhizal Mushrooms held in Christchurch, New Zealand, 2001.
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